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I want to create a fun and safe space for you to feel free, confident, authentic, and a little sassy! I work with women of all ages and sizes and let me tell you...YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. Give yourself a little self love and always look to your light. 


What Clients are Saying...

"Shealyn is a photographer I’ve worked with three times at this point and I would continue to work with her if I needed a photographer within her specialties. Shealyn’s professionalism and creative input on set is priceless and I’ve never felt more comfortable in front of a camera. She works with your energy and does so with quiet attentiveness that allows for flow to occur, all while making what feels vulnerable empowering. I’ve never been able to find a photographer like her and to me she is a treasure. Such beautiful energy and eyes to behold."

"Shooting with Shealyn is the most comfortable, peaceful, and liberating experience! From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, you are pampered and protected. She films your soul. She finds true beauty. And the results leave you breathless. She is an experience you will never forget, in front and behind the camera."

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