Here's what expect 

About Boudoir Photography

The definition of "Boudoir" is a woman's bedroom. If you are to walk into your bedroom and you want to feel sexy, what would you wear? How would you feel? Is there someone waiting for you? Or perhaps you have some music playing and want to feel the sensuality of the space by yourself. Maybe you're more the romantic type in the boudoir! Maybe you're more the topless and boxers type in the boudoir. Maybe you like to go completely nude in the boudoir! Whatever it is, this is your own photo shoot and your own story.

About Vintage Photography

Imagine being able to play dress up for a few hours, go back in time, and have the photographic evidence of it! That's what the vintage inspired photo shoot is all about. Each photo session is unique in that you can choose what time period you're interested in being photographed in and that will dictate our location and wardrobe, props, and accessories. If you want to do a combination of vintage and boudoir, pin-up is the way to go! 

Once you've decided you want to do with a boudoir or vintage inspired photo shoot, I will sit down with you at our initial meeting and we will talk about what inspired you to do this photo session and how to best prepare for it. After our session, you'll receive a digital guide book that will give step by step details about our photo shoot so you know exactly what to expect. I'm so looking forward to talk to you and working with you! It'll be a joyous experience that I hope stays with you for a long time!