How it all began

Welcome to my first blog post! This blog to dedicated to going behind the scenes to not just some of my images and what they mean but behind the people I've met and photographed. You'll also hear about some of the MY stories as well! Speaking of which, let's dive right in!

Picture it, Princeton, NJ...2009. A ballroom dance instructor at her wits end looking to get out of the industry and at the same time, didn't know where to go. So, she moved back to her hometown of Washington, DC to regroup. She rented a room from a kind older lady for a few months until she could figure out which path in life to take next. One day, she discovered a box full of feathers in the lady's house. She asked the lady about it. The lady said, "Remember that movie, Dumbo?" Remember how he thought he needed a confidence feather to fly? Well, I collect pretty feathers around the city and whenever anyone needs a little confidence, I give them a confidence feather. If you remember the movie, Dumbo never needed the feather to fly. He was always able to do it. The feather gave him the confidence to do it." That moved and inspired the ballroom dancer so much that she decided to take these ostrich feathers she got from a holiday party (Ok, ok...she may have ran around all the tables at the end of the party and stole them all) and started creating a series of "Confidence Photo Shoots" with a camera that was gifted to her.

That ballroom dance instructor was me. And that kind older woman was Mama Celeste. Alright, maybe she wasn't...but that's wouldn't been cool!

That was the beginning of my photography journey! And what a journey it has been and still is! As a portrait photographer, not only do we love taking and creating lovely images but there's an added bonus to making people FEEL beautiful and confident and being able to capture that for THEM. Photography isn't about seeing, it's about feeling. And I'm hooked on that feeling!