It me

Ey Ooooo!

It's odd talking about myself so I'll keep this relatively quick! I'm basically a golden retriever put into human form. I have a lot of energy and love meeting all the people! I'm working on catching a frisbee with my mouth but that will take a little more practice. I currently live in Baltimore. Though I'm not a native to the city, I love it here! There's a quirky spark to this city that makes me feel right at home. Follow the bouncing ball below for more about my back round and journey into photography!

More About Me

Life is long. Make the bad decision and make up for it later.

~My crazy neighbor down the street

I was born and raised in DC (holla!) and had done some photography back in the (darkroom) days in school but didn't follow through with it back then. Instead, I started dancing. I learned to salsa and swing all over the city. After swinging my hips all over the place, I started teaching ballroom dancing for many years. When I felt like my time was coming to an end with ballroom, photography had literally fallen into me lap! Someone actually gave me a camera they never used and I saw beaming rays shining on it and knew this was going to be my new path. It allowed me to do what I loved doing as a ballroom dance instructor: connect with people and help them feel beautiful.

I have since moved to Baltimore, MD. Like a lost pup wondering the streets, I was unsure about Baltimore at first but this city quickly adopted me. I have two "children". My older son is a yorkie and my baby is a black lab mutt. I just started martial arts so I can knock something off my bucket list...become a ninja! I love a good cuppa black tea and a crispy croissant. I have a piano that I don't play very well and a cello that I play even worse. Also, I still salsa and swing dance! I consider photography to be another form of dancing. It involves a balance between people to create something beautiful. As long as I can keep creating work to help people feel beautiful and confident and have a little fun in the process, I'm here for it!